UN Gaza report – 5 must-read assessments June 27, 2015


The Jewish Forward 23.06.15 – J.J.Goldberg – Think U.N. Gaza ‘War Crimes’ report Is biased? Read It first.

The report asks right questions of Israel

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And see:

BICOM Briefing 23.06.15: UNHRC report into the 2014 Gaza conflict 

Haaretz 22.06.15 – Amos Harel – Heavy charges in UN report warrant a probe, not self-righteousness 

The Gaza war report may seem more balanced than its predecessor, but if Israel expends any more energy insisting it has the ‘most moral army in the world’ it will likely end up in The Hague.

Al-Monitor 23.06.15 – Former IDF lawyer finds UN report on Gaza war ‘relatively balanced’

Some of its criticism should certainly be studied. It is no different from the kind of criticism that any other army in a similar situation might be subjected to.

Lawfare 24.06.15 – What to Make of the UN’s Special Commission Report on Gaza?


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