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UNESCO adopts another resolution ignoring Jewish link to Temple Mount – Raphael Ahren – The Times of Israel 26.10.16
In secret ballot, cultural body’s World Heritage Committee approves text using only the site’s Muslim name, but after removal of references to Israel as ‘the occupying power’ and removal of quotation marks in reference to the Western Wall. Ten states vote in favor, 2 oppose, 8 abstain. Includes video of speech by Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO [4:05].

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Our holy sites vs. their holy sites – B. Michael – Haaretz 28.10.16
Israel’s whining over UNESCO is arrogant and hypocritical, coming from a state that does everything in its power to conceal or minimise everything that existed here before we came, and after we left, until we returned.

Archaeologists spotlight first Solomon’s Temple-era artifacts ever found on Temple Mount
– Ilan Ben Zion – The Times of Israel 27.10.16
The highly sensitive Israeli excavations were conducted with minimum publicity in cooperation with the Islamic Waqf which manages the holy site. Presenting the finds enabled the Israel Antiquities Authority to rebut critics who claim the Temple Mount is a scene of archaeological bedlam.

Jews and the Temple Mount
October 18, 2016

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