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AT THE INTERNATIONAL police organisation’s annual general assembly in Beijing, the US offered Russia something of a quid pro quo exchange. The US was prepared to pressure Kosovo to withdraw its bid for membership if Russia agreed to support its strategy to delay a vote on the Palestinian Authority bid.

A deal was made with Serbia and China on board. But, at the end of that summit, “Palestine” was in and Kosovo was still out. How did Russia get its way and the US fall flat? “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to give you a satisfactory answer to that one,” a senior Justice Department official said last week, detailing the administration’s failed effort. “Events did not unfold the way we would’ve liked. We are not pleased with them.”
FULL STORY Did Russia play the US on the Palestinian Interpol bid? (Jerusalem Post)

Photo: US delegates attend the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly (Reuters)

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