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Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t help Palestinians unilaterally establish a state – Herb Keinon & Danielle Ziri – The Jerusalem Post 24.09.16
Middle East Quartet (USA, UN, EU, Russia): “[T]he acceleration of settlement construction and expansion in Area C and East Jerusalem, including the retroactive ‘legalisation’ of existing units, and the continued high rate of demolitions of Palestinian structures, are steadily eroding the viability of the two-state solution.” Security Council will meet under Arria Formula on 14 October.

Kerry: Israel and Palestinians headed for binational state, world must act or shut up
– Barak Ravid – Haaretz 25.09.16
In closed meeting in New York Kerry angrily accused Israel of breaking its promises and warned that status quo is unsustainable. Kerry also criticised Palestinians for attacks and incitement, but placed onus on Israel. Diplomats, including US Ambassador to Israel, note increased possibility of resolution at Security Council or other international forum.

Over 70 American intellectuals call for ‘targetted boycott’ of Israeli settlements
– Haaretz 25.09.16
Signatories say they oppose a boycott of Israel proper but call for a ‘targetted boycott’ and for settlements to be excluded from US trade benefits and tax exemptions.

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