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“I MEAN, YOU REALLY couldn’t imagine the horror. It’s just so crazy to imagine,” she says tearfully in a trailer for the episode obtained by People magazine.

Johansson’s grandfather left Poland for the United States, where he worked as a grocer in New York. The PBS show used documentation from Yad Vashem to determine that his brother and family died in the ghetto.

“Wow, that’s sad,” she says, visibly overcome with emotion. “And I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. But it’s hard not to.”

“It’s crazy to imagine that Saul would be on the other side selling bananas on Ludlow Street. And how different it would be being in America at that time,” the 32-year-old actress says. “The fate of one brother versus the other.”


FULL STORY Scarlett Johansson learns of family Holocaust tragedy from genealogy show (Times of Israel)

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