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AS THE MOST POPULATED and largest city in Israel, Jerusalem undoubtedly presents a patchwork of ethnic and religious diversity. Yet few spots better show the city’s cultures, colors, and indeed, its complexities and anxieties than one particular stop on the light rail train. Walk on either side of the tracks to uncover completely differing stories that help to weave the narrative of the city.

The train, which follows the honking traffic on Jerusalem’s massive artery Road Number 1, transports tourists and residents from neighborhoods and sites near the outskirts, like Yad Veshem near the Mount Herzl end of the line to the Old City gates, and all the way to Shu’afat, a Palestinian refugee camp in northeast Jerusalem.

FULL STORY Visit the crossroads of Jerusalem’s most unique neighbourhoods (National Geographic)

Photo: Men and women cross a main intersection in Mea’sharim (Yoray Liberman)

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