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Former Mideast peace negotiator says satellite imagery shows a two-state solution is still possible with land swaps

DC think tank launches tool exploring West Bank land swap scenarios (Times of Israel)
A Washington policy institute has launched an interactive website that assesses the myriad proposals to make the two-state vision into a reality.

Settlements and Solutions, which was developed by David Makovsky, a former US peace negotiator in the Obama administration who heads the Program on Middle East Peace at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, aims to answer the question of whether a two-state solution is still possible.

“I think it’s still solvable if people want to solve it,” Makovsky said.

The site is essentially an interactive map, made with civilian satellite imagery, to provide a better understanding of building trends in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“This is more focusing on where the settlers lived – on where does demography meet geography in the West Bank,” Makovsky said. “It is more to look at overlay between where the settlers live and the various peace plans that have been out there.”

“The interplay of geography and demography in the West Bank matters,” Makovsky wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post. “It helps to address whether it is too late for Israelis and Palestinians to reach a compromise on the territorial issues, as well as on matters of security, refugees and the fate of Jerusalem.”

Image: A new interactive map developed by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy for its website Settlements and Solutions

READ: Makovsky’s oped in The Washington Post


Mubarak, Thatcher and Reagan secretly negotiated a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict (Haaretz)
Declassified documents show Egypt’s ex-president and Britain’s Thatcher discussed a resettlement plan for Palestinians fleeing conflict in Lebanon, on the condition of Palestinian statehood

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