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Netanyahu’s relentless juggling act leaves many wondering: is a diplomatic Initiative in the works? – Yossi Verter – Haaretz 27.08.16
Despite the uncertainty regarding his political and personal status these days, the liveliness and energy displayed by PM Netanyahu evince vitality and strength. People want to buy what he’s selling. A common theory in political circles these days is that Netanyahu has told Herzog that he is ready to part ways with Habayit Hayehudi.

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Draining hope and springing fear – Amnon Abramovich – Ynetnews 26.08.16
‘PM Netanyahu has performed extravagant shows for hundreds of journalists over the past month. The presentation was perfect. The content, though, was deceiving. And so I hereby offer Mr. Netanyahu an alternative, authentic and essential content that is intrinsic to our lives and future.’

An ‘overwhelming one-man theatre performance’ by Netanyahu
August 23, 2016

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