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Why Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet leaders are morphing into ‘leftists’ – J.J. Goldberg – The Forward 06.07.16
The startling fact is that military expertise, familiarity with Israel’s current capabilities and its neighbors’ intentions, seems to lead Israel’s defence professionals almost unavoidably to prescriptions identified with the left. The outlook of the right, though popular with the public, has almost no support among the professionals.
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Is Israel doomed to live with terror? – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 08.07.16
Former Mossad Deputy Chief Ram Ben Barak disagrees with PM Netanyahu’s position that Israel is doomed to live with terror, says it is up to Israel to decide if it wants to pay the price of occupation.

Netanyahu must watch The Gatekeepers, if only to save his own legacy
– Carlo Strenger – Haaretz 30.01.13 Netanyahu’s here ‘not dealing with the bleeding heart liberals, those whom the Israeli right wing and the American Jewish establishment like to write off as self-hating Jews and lovers of Palestinians. No, here he is facing six former chiefs of the Shin Bet …They have been as privy to the most sensitive intelligence as Netanyahu, and their hands-on security experience, individually and collectively, far surpasses that of Netanyahu. And here they are, unified in the same message: Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is a catastrophe for Israel in all respects.’

The Gatekeepers
(2012) – director Dror Moreh – the whole film on YouTube [1:41:06] (English subtitles where in Hebrew)

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