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Zionism and Hitler? A guide to the wild scandal rocking Britain’s left – Adam Taylor – The Washington Post 28.04.16
Includes must-watch BBC interview with Ken Livingstone after his suspension – third video down in the article [12:10]
See article and video here

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Ken Livingstone, using Hitler to demonize Israel – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 29.04.16
Includes link to a critical examination by British historian Roger Moorhouse of Ken Livingstone’s allegation that Hitler ‘was supporting Zionism’ before WW2.

5 ways to know if your anti-Zionist comment is Anti-Semitic
– Dan Friedman – The Forward 28.04.16

Anti-Zionism vs anti-Semitism: it is becoming a distinction without a difference – John McTernan – Prospect Magazine 29.04.16
At least, it is in Corbyn’s Labour Party

‘The bitch is in heat again’
March 22, 2016

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