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The Supreme Court ruling on Monday regarding African asylum seekers leaves the government only two choices. The decision allows the state to send these individuals to third-party African nations, such as Rwanda and Uganda, but does not allow anyone who refuses to leave to be jailed for more than two months. Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, slams Israel’s top court, says It disregards Zionism and upholding Jewish majority.

Israel’s Supreme Court rules infiltrators won’t be forcefully deported (Ynetnews)
5 judges rule that the state cannot hold illegal infiltrators, be they refugees or immigrants, for over 60 days; if during this time they refuse deportation to another country, they will be set free (Aug 29)

Justice Minister Slams Israel’s Top Court, Says It Disregards Zionism and Upholding Jewish Majority (Haaretz)
The Israeli judicial system places too much emphasis on individual rights, Ayelet Shaked claims, while labeling the nation-state bill a ‘moral and political revolution’ (Aug 29)

Justice minister pans High Court for ‘degrading Israel’s Jewish character’ (Times of Israel)
Ayelet Shaked says she plans to amend new ruling preventing state from indefinitely detaining asylum seekers who refuse deportation (Aug 29)

Despite new deportation ruling, Israel opts to keep ignoring reality (Haaretz)
The Supreme Court offered the state what aid groups have proposed for years: to disperse asylum seekers around the country. But ministers apparently prefer another round of sparring with the judiciary (Aug 29)

Photo: African migrants behind barbed wire at the Saharonim detention facility in the Negev, 2012 (Eliyahu Hershkovitz).

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