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Despite the evidence, opinion polls still show support for the PM. Even if he is ousted, Israeli and Palestinian observers doubt what benefits his successor could deliver

Labor slams Netanyahu as corrupt dictator clinging to power (Times of Israel)
Labor leader Gabbay calls PM a dictator, demands elections as soon as possible, following a rally of support by Likud party activists in Tel Aviv, when the PM told 3,000 supporters that the investigations surrounding him and his family were a conspiracy by the media and the left Aug 9)

Wild, inciting, inflammatory: Netanyahu’s rally was a preview of Israel’s next election (Haaretz)
YOSSI VERTER As police go after him, Netanyahu goes after left, media, reprising his old, dependable strategy for fending off trouble (Aug 10)

Are Israelis indifferent to corruption around Netanyahu? (Al-Monitor)
AKIVA ELDAR The PM may have no cause for concern. Despite the political corruption, opinion polls indicate that a sizable majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to “keep working for them” (Aug 8)

Palestinians sceptical fall of Netanyahu would benefit them (Jerusalem Post)
“None of the prime ministers give anything to the Palestinians, whether it’s Netanyahu or Olmert, Right or Left. It’s the same policy, the same occupation. Just the personality changes” (Aug 9)

The fall of Netanyahu: too little, too late (Lobelog)
MITCHELL PLITNICK The prospects of Netanyahu continuing as Israel’s prime minister are growing dim and unlike some, I would contend that Israelis have reason for optimism. But for those of us outside of Israel who support the rights of Palestinians as well as Israelis, it comes too late to make much difference. In fact, it might set us back in some ways (Aug 7)

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