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Could escalation give rise to a new Palestinian intifada? If so, would that uprising be more akin to the largely nonviolent first intifada of 1987-1993 or the violent second intifada that began in 2000? Surprisingly, conditions may favour the mass mobilization of unarmed protest — and in a place where many least expect it: Hamas.

Why a new Palestinian intifada could be non-violent: because that’s what Hamas wants (Washington Post)
Hamas’s political project has similarly failed. Its victory in the 2006 Palestinian legislative council ended in the tightening of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, a bloody schism between a Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and Fatah government in the West Bank, and conditions of ever-worsening misery for Gaza’s nearly 2 million residents. Hamas is well aware that its popularity is at a dramatic low and it needs a change. Furthermore, it has struggled to adapt to the shifts in Arab politics, especially the Saudi and UAE feud with Qatar. Participating in an unarmed intifada could be seen as a potential route toward regaining a strong place within Palestinian and regional politics (Aug 29)

Photo: Israeli security forces stand guard following the shooting

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