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In the annual fashion exhibit at MoMA, which opens in New York this October, alongside Chanel’s little black dress, a Rolex watch, a red Revlon lipstick, Hanes’ eternal white T-shirt, Levi’s 501 jeans, Nike Air Force we will find one uniquely Israeli representative that is unaccustomed to such status: a 1950s khaki, kova tembel (or “fool’s hat”), manufactured by ATA, preserved like new, and in the exhibit called a “bucket hat.”

Holy Tembel: meet the legendary Israeli icon, recognized by MoMA (Haaretz)
The ‘kova tembel’ hat was once a symbol of hard-working, Zionist Israel, but disappeared in the 80s. Now it’s staging an unlikely comeback in a fashion exhibit at the Museum of Mordern Art in New York (Aug 27)

Photo: Young sabras: The boy on the left is wearing a kova tembel. Note that the picture is from 1950 – these days the kova is rather out of fashion (Seymour Katcoff)

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