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Michael Visontay is Editor of Plus61J. He has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 30 years. Michael is the author of several books, including Who Gave You Permission? , co-authored with child sexual abuse advocate Manny Waks, and Welcome to Wanderland: Western Sydney Wanderers and the Pride of the West

The Australian media needs to tell more human stories of people finding common ground to break through the narrative of conflict and ‘us versus them’, that characterises coverage of the Middle-East, according to prominent ABC broadcaster Geraldine Doogue.

About 100 people turned up to hear Doogue discuss a broad range of media and Middle-East issues at “An Evening with Plus61J” in Sydney on Wednesday evening. Among these, she talked about the pressures she faced when reporting on conflicts in the region – pressures that came from within the media environment and also from pro-Israeli advocates. “I learnt a lot from those experiences,” Doogue said.

The event, held at the warehouse of leading food rescue organisation OzHarvest, saw the unveiling of a new look for Plus61J’s website, the first since it began publishing in 2015.

Plus61J publisher Uri Windt also outlined the comprehensive suite of initiatives that the organisation is undertaking – public film and speaking events, book collaborations, private salons for bespoke musical and literary evenings – as well the website, which aims to “broaden the conversation” on coverage of Israel, the middle-East, Australia and the Jewish world.

Michael Visontay
Posted by Michael Visontay 7 months ago