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Beyond Israel: A year in the Jewish world

Israel has dominated headlines in the Jewish world over the past year, with the Netanyahu government’s controversial legislative program, weekly democracy protests, and increasing tensions in the West Bank and Gaza. For some Diaspora Jews, the outcome has been both a more engaged and more critical relationship with Israel. For others, challenges on their own home front have become a greater focus. As a new Jewish year begins, we bring you a review of some key issues for Jewish communities across the globe.

A watershed year for Australia and Israel

Israel’s far-right government has prompted major changes both within the Australian Jewish community and at a public policy level.

French riots ignite debate about racism towards Blacks - and Jews

The police killing of a young black man has sparked heated exchanges, including within the Jewish community, about whether French institutions are inherently racist.

‘Jews in Ukraine have become Jews of Ukraine’

GALYNA PISKORSKA, now in Melbourne after being forced to leave her country, reflects on how the Russian invasion has changed the relationship between Ukraine and its Jewish community.

South Africa's continuing Jewish exodus is powered by more than the energy crisis

Loadshedding has scarred the national psyche but the roots of Jewish emigration are deeper, encompassing economic, personal and political motivations.

Britain’s moment of reckoning with the Windrush generation

The government’s attempt to turn its back on a shipload of Caribbean migrants who settled in the country 75 years ago has exposed Britain’s uncomfortable relationship with diversity.

Brazil after Bolsonaro: Lula plants green shoots of hope

In his third term, the popular but flawed leader appears to be serious about addressing Brazil’s environmental and social problems.