A parliament with only Jews in it?

Amid furious scenes, Knesset law panel okays first reading for MK suspension bill – Sue Surkes – The Times of Israel 29.02.16
Leader of Joint List Odeh ‘will weigh resigning’ if Balad MKs are ousted, says controversial legislation will strengthen ‘Arab separatists’.  ‘This isn’t a struggle between Jews and Arabs. This is a struggle for democracy, of Jews and Arabs, together, advocating democracy in the face of McCarthyism and racism.’
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Israel moves closer to an Arab-free Knesset thanks to new ‘Suspension Bill’ – Jack Khoury – Haaretz 01.03.16
Israel’s Arabs are seeing their representatives pushed to the margins due to recent government moves. Soon they will surely ask themselves what they’re doing in legislature.

The goal: a Knesset without Arabs
– Haaretz 02.03.16
A democratic system of government doesn’t collapse overnight. It is eroded from within by a series of steps that destroy its fundamental principles.