A watershed for IDF’s rules of engagement?

For all three videos thus far known about this incident see post titled ‘Murder as heroism’.

Shooting of wounded Palestinian is watershed in battle over Israeli army’s rules of engagement – Amos Harel – 27.03.16
The right’s defence of an IDF soldier who shot a supine Palestinian is linked to the latest attack on human rights organisations. Behind them is a common and clear goal – to set a new standard, under which anything a soldier does in the struggle against Palestinians is legitimate.
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A bullet in the IDF’s rules of engagement – Mitch Ginsburg – The Times of Israel 28.03.16

The Israeli military’s values are in urgent need of thorough revamping
– Haaretz editorial 27.03.16
The abominable act was formed in the womb of a putrid atmosphere, awash with demagoguery and encouragement to murder, which is fostered by politicians like Bennett and Yisrael Katz and rabbis like Yitzhak Yosef … The IDF, these hollow leaders like to babble, is the most moral army in the world, providing it adopts unconditionally the moral borders marked by its leaders.

IDF: Hebron soldier said stabber deserved to die, then shot him
– The Times of Israel 27.03.16
Army releases details of investigation into shooting of disarmed and wounded Palestinian assailant.

Breaking the Silence report and IDF rules of engagement
May 26, 2015