Adass Israel reaches settlement in new Leifer abuse claim

VoiCSA says members of Adass Israel community protested outside the home of the woman bringing the case to pressure her not to go to court.

A new civil case against Malka Leifer over sexual abuse claims will not go ahead after the Adass Israel School reached a confidential out-of-court settlement with the woman alleging abuse.

Leifer was found guilty last month of 18 sexual abuse offences against two former students between 2003 and 2007, when she was principal of Adass Israel School. She is still awaiting sentence.

In a statement, Voice Against Child Sexual Abuse (VoiCSA) chief executive Manny Waks said: “We note with disgust that a protest was organised by members of the Adass Israel community this evening, outside the family home of the alleged victim/survivor, in an effort to intimidate and pressure her from pursuing justice.”

Principal and CEO of the Adass Israel School Aaron Strasser confirmed the school had recently settled a claim for damages brought by a former student

He also said the school attempted to thwart protest action.

“In response to rumours of a planned protest, the school appealed to our wider community to respect the legal process and not take any such action,” he said.


Melbourne’s Adass Israel School reaches settlement over fresh Malka Leifer abuse claims

Image: Malka Leifer during her criminal trial (Anita Lester)