‘An old-fashioned fascist technique’ – Benny Begin

Right-wing MKs flog ‘fascist’ group for ‘outing’ lefty artists – The Times of Israel 28.01.16
Im Tirtzu blasted over campaign listing members of Israel’s cultural elite who have expressed support for left-wing causes. Benny Begin: ‘Singling out so-called traitors is an old-fashioned fascist technique that is both ugly and dangerous’
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Lowbrow right-wing group has friends in high places – Yossi Verter – Haaretz 30.01.16
A message to Israeli politicians: if you will allow it, Im Tirtzu will run roughshod over the country.

‘I’m breaking the silence because I’m Zionist, Israeli and a patriot’ – Ynet Magazine 21.01.16
Yehuda Shohat talks to Avner Gvaryahu, one of the chief targets of a right-wing hate campaign.

Don’t be fooled: Bibi and Im Tirzu are one and the same – Michael Omer-Man – +972 Magazine 28.01.16
The latest campaign of incitement in Israel is so extreme even the Right has condemned it. The irony? Its message is entirely in line with that of the government.