An unprincipled demagogue gets cheers at AIPAC

Trump at AIPAC: a Jewish betrayal of the United States – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 23.03.16
The most dominant Jewish organisation in America is indifferent to what happens [to gentiles] in America.
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And see from among many Jewish responses [‘For if you remain silent at this time…’ Esther 4:14]:

Trump’s transformation at AIPAC should scare you – Yair Rosenberg – Tablet Magazine 21.03.16
By reading a speech off a teleprompter for the first time, and replacing his ugliest antics with an unremarkable oration, Donald Trump became a politician capable of winning an election. With every primary that passes, an unprincipled demagogue, who stokes racist fears and boasts of intent to undermine America’s ideals and its institutions, is one step closer to power. [Includes video of full Trump speech – 23:08]

AIPAC’s applause for Donald Trump sends a shameful message – Jane Eisner – The Forward 21.03.16
‘When he threw the red meat that he brilliantly feeds his other crowds, there were cheers as they gobbled it up… I am ashamed that any of my fellow Jews could applaud such duplicity. I am ashamed that they would succumb to the pandering lies. Donald Trump ought to have been received civilly but silently by AIPAC. Instead, the applause spoke volumes. And it’s not a message many American Jews want to hear.’

Headless community in bottomless spiral – Tablet Magazine editorial 20.03.16
From the left to the right, AIPAC doesn’t speak for American Jews. …We stand with AIPAC’s membership 100 percent… But these people are not AIPAC – not anymore. … Now, thanks to AIPAC, we will as a community be portrayed as moneyed power-brokers who play footsie with Trump, a figure whom the vast majority of our community – Democrats and Republicans – rejects and abhors.

The moral crisis exposed at AIPAC
– Lisa Goldman – +972 Magazine 23.03.16
What happened at AIPAC was shameful and frightening. Liberal Jews are horrified and the ones who are not seem pretty smug in their lack of self awareness. Welcome to the schism.

Trump is not Hitler and he’s not Haman — he’s Ahasuerus
… – Jay Michaelson – The Forward 22.03.16

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