Breaking the Silence director on Israel TV

A Walla News Israel interview on 14.12.15 with Breaking the Silence Executive Director, Yuli Novak, was posted on YouTube on 21.12.15
Watch here (English subtitles 11:08 min)

And see:
Ex Shin Bet head, ex IDF general defend Breaking the Silence December 19, 2015

Further defence of BtS by another ex-Shin Bet chief and an ex-Deputy Police Commissioner in this post

Israelis don’t want to confront the ugly truth about the occupation
– Zeev Sternhell – Haaretz 24.12.15
That’s too bad, because in not one case have reports and testimonies collected by Breaking the Silence been proved wrong. [Zvi Sternhell is former head of the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one of the world’s leading experts on Fascism]