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70th Anniversary Special

One story, multiple truths

LEONARD GORDON Are we 'Purim Jews' or 'Passover Jews'? Purim Jews are concerned with maintaining the security of the Jewish people while Passover Jews focus on making sure that we never do to others what was done to us when we were slaves in Egypt

A call for passionate Jewish peoplehood 

AVRAHAM INFELD The Diaspora has turned Israel into a "charity". But perhaps its worst mistake is the failure to teach Hebrew. As Hebrew became the day-to-day language of Israel, Hebrew literacy in the Diaspora declined

We need Israel’s endorsement of Jewish pluralism

DELPHINE HORVILLEUR Israel should serve as a laboratory for diversity. I expect Israel and Israelis to respect our diversity and to see it as a source of inspiration, not a weakness

A structure needed for the 21st century: Kin-civil society 

NAAMA KLAR and YAAKOV MALOMET: In today’s global world, the relationship requires a more resilient model built on the power of personal encounters and relationships

Critique is an expression of engagement

KENNETH BOB If the Occupation is left unaddressed, Israelis will find a less engaged Diaspora that leans to the right politically and is predominantly Orthodox. This will become damaging to the notion of Jewish peoplehood

Israel’s wired nomads: Between self-exile and global Hebraism

FANIA OZ-SALZBERGER The new Hebrew-speaking nomads in today’s western countries epitomise the tension between homeland and global citizenship. They are instinctively carrying their ancient cultural DNA in their luggage

The lesson not learned from Ahad Ha’am

SHAHAR BURLA The goal of a vibrant cultural and moral relationship between Israel and the Diaspora depends heavily on global Jewish communities to question Israel's policies and hold it to account

Between national redemption and personal choice

PETA PELLACH Our achievements brought with them new challenges and we have not yet risen to them. Our biggest problem is the lack of leadership. There are no visionaries who inspire with their selfless devotion to building an ideal society

Caring about and critiquing Israel is the Zionism of the 21st century

ACHINOAM NINI I think it is the responsibility of the international Jewish community to make Israel a country we can all be proud of, even if it means calling her out at times

Let’s welcome them all 

YOSSI BEILIN There is room for everybody, and the role of those who care for Jewish continuity, is to contain them all, not to exclude anybody who wants to be part of us

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