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Stranger than fiction: Uncovering Hitler’s Jewish soldier

Nazi mascot or Holocaust hoax? Filmmaker and journalist DAN GOLDBERG tracks down the truth in his latest documentary.

Beyond Leifer: Dassi Erlich tells her story

No longer restricted by the battle to bring her abuser to justice, DASSI ERLICH has published the full story of her brutish home and the ultra-Orthodox community that failed her. She talks to MICHAEL VISONTAY.

Masked neo-Nazis arrested in Sydney

Police have intervened in two recent incidents across Sydney involving black-clad and masked neo-Nazis, prompting a push to tighten anti-vilification laws.

New course will give Jewish women skills to moderate panel discussions

Plus61J Media and JOFA Australia are launching an online course to redress a gender imbalance in public debate.

Jewish Pride marches on but one Jewish group withdraws from Midsumma over safety concerns

As aggression from pro-Palestinian protestors overshadows the opening of Melbourne’s pride festival, a Jewish organisation say it cannot risk sending staff to the annual march.

EDITORIAL: Australia Day or Invasion Day, it’s no place for Palestinian partisanship

The prospect of some Indigenous activists hijacking January 26 to campaign for Palestinians is deeply disappointing.

‘We recognise Israel’s right to defend itself, but how it does so matters’: Wong

On her visit to the Middle East this week, Australia’s Foreign Minister offered new humanitarian aid to Gaza and qualified moral support to Israel.

From the Pope down, the Catholic Church’s leadership failure over October 7

Teresa Pirola is one of the few voices in the Australian Catholic church to have spoken out against the silence of her colleagues over the Hamas attacks.

EXCLUSIVE: Dayenu to participate in Mardi Gras despite hostility

Leading Jewish LGBTQ+ group Dayenu has decided to participate in this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, despite rising safety concerns stemming from pro-Palestinian activists.

What can we expect from Penny Wong’s visit to Israel?

The Foreign Minister will meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an effort to make an Australian contribution to ending the Israel-Hamas War in Gaza.

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