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In dark times, is a dystopian Jewish novel just what we need?

Art, architecture and the Jewish condition inspired the speculative fiction of 'A Brutal Design'. Author ZACHARY SOLOMON talks to ANDREW SILOW-CARROLL.

Creating a Jewish ritual for stillbirth

When Judaism didn’t offer rituals for a stillbirth, a grieving couple created their own.

Why did one of the best cookbooks of 2023 go unnoticed? Hint: It’s Israeli.

Moshe Basson’s The Eucalyptus Cookbook never made the splash it deserved. ROB ESHMAN argues the reason is politica

Stranger than fiction: Uncovering Hitler’s Jewish soldier

Nazi mascot or Holocaust hoax? Filmmaker and journalist DAN GOLDBERG tracks down the truth in his latest documentary.

Beyond Leifer: Dassi Erlich tells her story

No longer restricted by the battle to bring her abuser to justice, DASSI ERLICH has published the full story of her brutish home and the ultra-Orthodox community that failed her. She talks to MICHAEL VISONTAY.

Public art takes hostage crisis to the streets in many forms

PHOTO ESSAY: From grief to activism, art is providing a way to turn community attention towards the hostages still held by Hamas.

BOOK REVIEW: A robust correction of the Kindertransport legend

This book gets to the truth of a poignant project afflicted by bureaucratic prejudice and by people who exploited children, writes CAROLINE BAUM.

Listen to this: Australian Jewish musicians you should know

From jazz to soul, pop to fusion, the Australian music scene is bursting with homegrown Jewish talent and Israeli expats.

Ten podcasts to help you understand Israel

In the third part of his series on Israel's media, ITTAY FLESCHER explores the podcasts the explain Israel to the world.

Binge the best new Jewish TV

Diverse Jewish representation has found a home on the small screen thanks to this fresh assortment of television shows, documentaries and limited series.

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