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Israel & Middle East

The forgotten Israeli hostages, taken long before October 7

BEN LYNFIELD meets the families of two men taken prisoner by Hamas in Gaza nearly ten years ago, their plight largely ignored in Israel until now.

ICJ to rule on West Bank occupation

As settler violence continues, the UN is seeking an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the legality of Israel’s control over the West Bank.

Biden puts two-state solution back into play

Could the Biden Doctrine create a demilitarised Palestinian state out of the ashes of Gaza?

Escaping Gaza, for fun: Israeli ‘escape rooms’ mimic war

The Israeli operator of the Gaza role-play game says customers want to "kick some Arabs’ ass".

Hostages or Hamas? Rafah may force Netanyahu’s hand

The prospect of an attack on Rafah could spur critics outside Israel to challenge the strategy of eliminating Hamas over negotiating a hostage deal.

IDF rescues two hostages from Rafah, as city braces for invasion

In only the second successful rescue operation since October 7, the IDF has managed to safely rescue two hostages from Hamas captivity in Gaza.

Israel’s media: free but imperfect

Between the Netanyahu government’s anti-democratic moves and the pressures of a country at war, Israel’s independent media is more important than ever.

Hostage deal slips away as both sides dig in

Hopes that hostages would be released this week have faltered as Hamas demands complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Netanyahu talks "full victory”.

The only Jew in the room

AVI SHALEV was the first Jewish Israeli to attend an Arab tertiary college.  He talks to ITTAY FLESCHER about the experience and the resulting book, now available in English.

Hamas does not represent me

Writing these words from a bombed out building in Gaza could cost ABDULLAH his life. But he wants Israelis to understand that many Palestinians do not support Hamas.

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