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Dark Star: Elon Musk & antisemitism

VIDEO: Writer RICHARD COOKE conducted an investigation into the beliefs and motivations of the controversial mogul for the Jewish Quarterly. In this Melbourne Jewish Book Week conversation he discusses his conclusions with DEBORAH STONE.

Top tips to cope emotionally with the Israel-Hamas war

We can hold our fears, but it is important we also hold onto hope. Here are some strategies to help people find ways to stay positive.

After two years of war, a reminder of what Ukrainians are fighting for

As the world switches the channel to focus on the Middle East, Ukrainian-born ZOYA SHEFTALOVICH calls on Kyiv’s Western allies not to look away.

Who is a Zionist? A Canadian court has been asked to decide

A leading liberal Zionist resigns disillusioned and a hawkish Zionist organisation is sued as Canada's Jewish community fights over how to support Israel.

Search this list of names to find your hidden Middle Eastern family history

Your Jewish family name may enable you to trace your history to Cairo, Alexandria, Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo or Beirut - even if you think you are from European stock.

Why some of Israel’s staunchest support comes from the Pacific Islands

Tiny nations such as Micronesia, Nauru, and Papua New Guinea are among the small minority of countries supporting Israel at the United Nations.

Public art takes hostage crisis to the streets in many forms

PHOTO ESSAY: From grief to activism, art is providing a way to turn community attention towards the hostages still held by Hamas.

Pizza, blood libels and the mystery of NY’s secret Chabad tunnel

In the weirdest story of the week, 12 Lubavitchers were arrested after trying to prevent construction crews filling in a mysterious illegal tunnel, providing a gift to both conspiracy theorists and meme-makers.

My ancestral voyage from rag traders in London to musical icons in Sydney

COLIN SHINDLER discovers an unlikely lineage from his working class forebears to the 'father of Australian music'.

Too scary to be true: the second coming of Trump

VIC ALHADEFF talks to BRUCE WOLPE about his book on Trump and Trumpism and the nightmarish prospect of him winning the 2024 US presidential election.

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