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Time for a new symbol to ring in Jewish values

The Star of David is a masculine, nationalist Jewish symbol. Miriam’s Timbrel could be a more appropriate symbol for our times.

For the dead on both sides, it is time to stop

Jewish Australians held a vigil in support of a ceasefire in Gaza in Melbourne last night. MICHELLE LESH delivered this speech.

Unnecessary alarm over circumcision

The idea that parents should defer circumcision until their sons can make their own decisions is impractical and unnecessary, argue two medical experts.

Too much trauma, not enough compassion

The Greens should learn from their mistakes, take the lead and push for collaboration between Jews and Palestinians as steps to conflict resolution.

The Greens are not the problem

Israel is on track to become a pariah state. A politician’s slur in Australia merely reflects public thinking.

Doxing Australian Jews serves Israel’s right

By attacking Diaspora Jews, those who think they are supporting Palestinians are only entrenching the conflict, writes DAVID LANGSAM.

After two years of war, a reminder of what Ukrainians are fighting for

As the world switches the channel to focus on the Middle East, Ukrainian-born ZOYA SHEFTALOVICH calls on Kyiv’s Western allies not to look away.

Why progressive Jews like me can no longer support the Greens

Until the party moves past binary thinking and acknowledges the complexity of the Middle-East, the Greens will continue to lose the Jews who believed in it.

From Gaza to Australia: Mariam’s journey of survival

Mariam Dawwas and her family are among the fortunate few who have been granted visas to stay here for a year. BEN LYNFIELD hears their harrowing story.

ICJ verdict urges Israel to reflect on execution of its military campaign

The perceived restraint is not a free pass. Despite its collective trauma, Israel must try to overcome feelings of revenge and hatred, and expunge them from its offensive.

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