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Special Edition

Israel’s media: free but imperfect

Between the Netanyahu government’s anti-democratic moves and the pressures of a country at war, Israel’s independent media is more important than ever.

Are Year 10 students too young to visit Auschwitz?

A visit to the camps can have a life-long legacy on young minds. ELANA BENJAMIN and PAULA TOWERS investigate the impact of this rite of passage on Australian Jewish youth.

‘The journey to Poland is laden with meaning, yet has scarcely been studied’

There is very little published research that analyses the psychological impact of trips to Poland or Prague on Jewish teens.

A teacher’s view of the hardest subject to teach well

Visiting the camps left some students both shocked and empowered but there was little space to talk about the emotional impact, writes ITTAY FLESCHER, who taught at Melbourne Jewish schools for 15 years.

March of the Living Australia targets a new, non-Jewish audience

Students from a private non-Jewish school are the latest group to join the pilgrimage to Poland and Israel.

What Holocaust educators must do to combat modern antisemitism

Teachers need to focus more on the specifics of Jewish persecution and challenge students to question their assumptions about contemporary prejudice.

Let’s go Morocco: Melbourne school has a different vision for its students

Instead of taking students to explore their European heritage, Bialik College wants to to expose students to a different Jewish history in Morocco.

VIDEO PANEL: Gaza War 50 days on

GERALDINE DOOGUE hosts a conversation with Israel-based journalists ELHANAN MILLER and ITTAY FLESCHER discussing the conduct of the war so far.

WATCH: Israel v Hamas – your questions answered

Why won't Egypt open a humanitarian corridor? How is the Gaza situation affecting the West Bank? Is peacebuilding dead? EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON, ITTAY FLESCHER and ELHANAN MILLER answered readers questions in an hour-long webinar.

Australian Jews are losing faith in Israel: Survey results

Results from Crossroads23 reveal continuing strong attachment to Israel among Australian Jews but a sharp decline in support for Israel’s policies.

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