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WATCH: Israel v Hamas – your questions answered

Why won't Egypt open a humanitarian corridor? How is the Gaza situation affecting the West Bank? Is peacebuilding dead? EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON, ITTAY FLESCHER and ELHANAN MILLER answered readers questions in an hour-long webinar.

VIDEO SERIES: Palestinian Citizens of Israel #1 Politics

What do you know about the citizens of Israel that make up 21% of the population? In the first episode of a new Plus61J Media series, Professor Amal Jamal from Tel Aviv University provides an overview of the demography and politics. 

WATCH: How Brian Sherman has responded to life with Parkinson’s

Film-maker Rod Freedman has made a series of videos chronicling Brian Sherman’s unorthodox response to living with the debilitating disease. WATCH TRAILER

PODCAST: Ashley talks to businessman David Smorgon

Ashley talks to the prominent business figure about family dynasties, some family mistakes and his beloved Western Bulldogs footy team

PODCAST: Ashley talks to journalist Julie Szego

Ashley talks to fellow Age alumnus Julie about why she left the paper, takes a deep dive into the news and a look back over the year

PODCAST: Ashley talks to stroke survivor and podcast host Paul Fink

Ashley talks to Ashley talks to Paul about his journey over the last eight years, from bending over to pick up his son from his cot, to not setting foot inside his house for the next six months

PODCAST: Ashley talks to personal fitness entrepreneur Cara Davies

Ashley talks to Cara, only 22 years old, about how she came to start up and now head the Steppen personal fitness group

PODCAST: Ashley talks to racehorse owner Brae Sokolski

Ahead of the Melbourne Cup next Tuesday, Ashley talks to the owner of the Cup favourite, Incentivise, about how he prepares for the big day

PODCAST: Ashley talks to restaurateur Adam Faigen

Ashley asks Adam about his new Israeli-inspired eatery Golda and the challenges of operating a food outlet during Covid

Afghanistan: How did it come to this?

Watch highlights of the conversation, hosted by Plus61J, between foreign correspondent Irris Makler, Afghan refugee Barat Ali Batoor and defence journalist Kate Banville (EX-ADF)

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