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Year of the mask

The story we want you to hear

TAMAS BÜCHLER: When we take off our protective masks and resume social contact, we need to look into the future. We should recognise that it’s not anti-Semitism that defines us, but our shared purpose

Jewish wisdom can change our experience

ALIZA KLINE: With a New Year comes change, an opportunity to embrace new habits and routines

When masks are more than a metaphor

YAEL AND MICHAEL WEISS: We are mask manufacturers: the ability to recover from crisis not only a business strategy, it is engrained in our DNA as a people

Love, criticism and the need for ‘good trouble’

DAVID MYERS: This is a time to disrupt patterns of inequality and injustice; whether God is looking or looking away, this is our obligation as humans and as Jews. Now more than ever

A new insight into the importance of ritual

MICHAEL GAWENDA: The pandemic has made me realise how much of my sense of being a Jew is tied up with the rituals of our Shabes dinners and celebration of the Yom Tovim

The Covidend: turning masks into a positive

CLIVE LAWTON: The Covid dividend is our renewed appreciation that greed and self-interest really aren’t enough; we need to co-operate

Fleeting testaments to despair, joy and resilience

REBECCA FORGASZ: The ephemera - ads, emails and social media posts, the memes - reveal much about how we have coped

So far, so close: How Covid bends time and space

NIKKI MARCZAK: Distance and proximity, now and later, mean different things to us now. Jewish holidays and rituals can help us process this strangeness

Time for Israel to support the Jewish people

MK TEHILA FRIEDMAN: For so many years, Israel has been the mission of the Jewish people. The time has come for the Jewish people to be Israel’s mission

The sustainability of Jewish life is being tested

ELAN EZRACHI: In the coming years we will see the demise of certain structures and the creation of new communal fabrics

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