Curious incident of the flag at Haaretz conference

The curious incident of the flag at the Haaretz conference – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 15.12.15
Did anyone suggest to Erekat that he might appear with both an Israeli and a Palestinian flag on stage beside him? What a graphic representation of coexistence that would have been.
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Arab-Israeli leader ends US trip with applause, but not from the Jews he hoped to reach – Ron Kampeas – Haaretz 15.12.15
“Arab citizens of Israel speak Arabic and Hebrew,” Odeh said, and listed three leading Israeli poets — one an Arab, one an Ashkenazi Jew and one a Sephardic Jew. “More than anyone else, we know both people’s stories. Because I know these stories, even though it is not my story, I deeply identify with the suffering of the Jewish people, who have known hatred and terrible pain.”

Four MKs removed from Knesset amid heated Breaking the Silence debate – Haaretz 15.12.15
MK Zehava Galon (Meretz), while accusing Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon of joining a campaign of “McCarthyism” and “bounty hunting” against Breaking the Silence: “”A proper society needs to be proud of such soldiers… A proper democracy needs to allow for criticism of those in power and those who silence organisations and those who insist on hounding them and prevent criticism of those in power help aid in the de-legitimization of the State of Israel. These people are heroes, they aren’t traitors.”