Demolish only Palestinian family homes?

High Court seems to think that only Arabs need deterrence – Amir Fuchs – Haaretz 24.11.15
The Israeli High Court’s claim that home demolitions need not be applied to Jews because they support terror less than Palestinians must be rejected.
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High Court: no need to demolish Jewish terrorists’ houses November 17, 2015

Court finds two guilty in Abu Khdeir murder; conviction of main suspect suspended – Haaretz 30.11.15
‘Why haven’t they demolished the homes of these three murderers?’ Hussein Abu Khdeir, the youth’s father, asked at the last court session. ‘If they were Arabs, their homes would have been demolished immediately.’

Man who torched Arab-Jewish school sentenced to 3 years – The Times of Israel 01.12.15

Jury out on fight against Jewish terror September 2, 2015

In pre-demolition step, IDF maps attackers’ West Bank homes – The Times of Israel 28.11.15

Demolitions of family homes
October 17, 2015