Israel Election 2019 : Policies for Knesset Election, April 9, 2019

Israeli Political Party Policies

For those watching these elections closely, it could be easy to think that the entire campaign is based around one question. Is a party for or against Bibi Netanyahu continuing as Prime Minister. Having this view, obscures the significant policy differences that exist between the various parties beyond their support or opposition to Israel’s second longest serving leader.

This table aims to provide a progressive viewpoint on some of the key policy differences between the parties that have a realistic chance of sinning knesset seats on April 9. Information has been gathered from various news sites and past voting records, as not all parties have listed official policies on their websites.



Policies for Knesset Election, April 9, 2019

Left and Centre Parties

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*Only if Netanyahu is charged with corruption

*The Joint List, which formed ahead of the 2015 elections and earned 13 Knesset seats, comprises Arab Renewal, Hadash, Balad and the United Arab List. In January 2019, Ahmad Tibi announced he is seeking to remove his Arab Movement for Renewal Party from the Joint List. It’s not yet clear if there are any significant policy differences between current Joint List leader Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi.,7340,L-5443279,00.html

** Avoda and Hatnua ran together as the Zionist Union last election. This partnership was dissolved in a rather dramatic manner on January 9. At present, these two parties plan to run on seperate lists, although the policy differences between them are unclear.

*** In a letter to Knesset House Committee, UTJ said that in accordance with an agreement made before the previous election, its two separate factions — Degel Hatorah and Agudat Israel, representing Ashkenazi Jews from the Lithuanian (non-Hasidic) and Hasidic communities, respectively — would formally split. They say the breakup is only ‘procedural’ and won’t prevent them running together in April elections.

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