Jewish terrorism – 2 views

As a Jew, Israeli and Zionist, I cannot tolerate Jewish terrorism – Ari Shavit – Haaretz 03.12.15
A small group has arisen among the Jewish people in the Land of Israel whose ethics are the ethics of ISIS and whose deeds are the deeds of Kristallnacht. The time has come for the government to make it clear that Jewish and Palestinian terrorists will be treated the same.
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Jewish Home MK: Fatal Duma firebombing not a terror attack – The Times of Israel 10.12.15
“When you push an entire community up against the wall, treat its [members] like terrorists, demonise it, trample on its rights, it ultimately explodes. Let no one be surprised when this should happen, when more and more people will be pushed, against their will, to carry out actions that are forbidden”: MK Bezalel Smotrich, apparently unaware of other possible applications for his remarks.

High Court blocks petition calling to indict authors of ‘King’s Torah’ – Haaretz 10.12.15
The petitioners wanted A-G to charge the authors of Torat Hamelech with incitement to violence and racism. The book discusses circumstances in which Jews are allowed to kill non-Jews. An appeal is likely.