Leifer extradition stalled again, new panel to rule on mental fitness

Judge foregoes decision on alleged paedophile, amid media reports she has molested female prisoners while in prison

Court stalls Leifer extradition, orders new panel to rule on her mental fitness (Times of Israel)
A Jerusalem court refrained from ruling whether alleged serial pedophile Malka Leifer is mentally fit for extradition in a hearing on Monday, instead ordering that a psychiatric panel be convened to provide a recommendation by December 10.

As largely expected, Judge Chana Lomp determined that there was not sufficient evidence to reach a conclusion on her own given the contradicting legal opinions submitted on whether Leifer has been feigning mental illness.

Jewish school principal wanted in Australia over child sex crimes is accused of molesting female prisoners (Daily Mail)
The principal of a Jewish girls’ school charged with dozens of child sex offences has been accused of molesting other female prisoners by an Israeli politician. Leifer on Monday was accused of molesting young women in the Tirza prison, south-east of Tel Aviv, by Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum.

‘There is even allegations she’s abusing girls in the jail that she’s in at the moment,’ Hassan-Nahoum said outside Jerusalem District Court, The Australian reported.

“This represents yet another unacceptable delay. Today’s decision adds to the unnecessary pain and suffering of Leifer’s alleged victims who continue to await justice and be frustrated by the inefficiency of the Israeli justice system and the alleged corruption within its government.

“This ongoing farce continues to raise questions as to the integrity of the Israeli judicial system. That this injustice should occur in a country which is supposed to be a close friend of Australia and the only functioning legal system in the region, should concern every Australian and every member of the Jewish community.”

ZFA response
The Zionist Federation of Australia was disappointed to learn that the quest to bring alleged paedophile Malka Leifer back to Australia to face her day in court has been delayed yet again, this time due to Judge Chana Miriam Lomp’s decision to appoint a new expert panel of psychiatrists.

Jeremy Leibler, ZFA President said, “We were hopeful that this court hearing, which was supposed to judge Leifer’s mental fitness for an extradition trial, would be the turning point. Sadly, it adds to the long list of setbacks, delays and allegations of corruption that have marred this case for over five years since her arrest in 2015.”

Photo: Former principal Malka Leifer, wanted in Australia for child sex abuse crimes, seen at the Jerusalem District Court, February 14, 2018. (Yonatan Sindel/ Flash90)