More Knesset moves on religion and state

Giving mikvehs to rabbinate will affect more than just Reform Jews – Amanda Borschel-Dan – The Times of Israel 22.02.16
In moving to bypass Supreme Court ruling on opening ritual baths to all, politicians may be drowning their own constituents
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Bill seeks to Increase role of Jewish law in Israel’s legal system – Jonathan Lis – Haaretz 23.02.16
Justice Committee chair wants to set up an institute to ‘translate’ ancient Jewish legal literature into contemporary legal language accessible to judges and lawyers.

Ultra-Orthodox MK compares Reform movement to mentally ill person
– The Times of Israel 24.02.16
US Reform leaders slam Yisrael Eichler’s extreme intolerance and ignorance, wonder what ‘twisted Torah’ he studies

Israel’s state rabbinate – dividing Jew from Jew
  February 20, 2016