More revelations re funding of settlements, right-wing groups funding

Israeli Right blasts NGOs for foreign donations, but drinks from the same well – Uri Blau- Haaretz 11.12.15
Haaretz investigation reveals pro-settlement and right-wing groups have a poor record when it comes to following rules on donor transparency.
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Netanyahu allies donated to groups pushing for Third Temple – Haaretz 09.12.15 (includes video 2.2 min)
Netanyahu insists that Israel is committed to the status quo on the Temple Mount and that claims to the contrary are part of a campaign of incitement. But an Haaretz investigation shows that Netanyahu’s deputy defense minister, as well as one of his key donors in the United States, have financially supported those who wish to impose Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

Right-wing extremists barred from lighting menorah on Temple Mount – The Times of Israel 12.12.15

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