Muslims speak out against extremist terror

Jordan’s king urges Muslims to lead fight against terror – The Times of Israel 15.11.15
Confronting extremism, King Abdullah said, is ‘both a regional and international responsibility, but it is mainly our battle, us Muslims, against those who seek to hijack our societies and generations with intolerant takfiri ideology.’
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Paris attacks show the interconnectedness of our troubles – Amjad Iraqi – +972 Magazine 15.11.15
If the attacks in Paris are viewed as ‘an attack on us all,’ then so too should the attacks in Beirut and Baghdad.

We Muslims must confront the death cult in our societies
– Felix Marquardt – Haaretz 16.11.15
With each atrocity perpetrated in the name of Islam, our religion becomes even more associated with barbarism. We need to reconnect Muslim with its original respect for life, openness and equality.

Words matter in ‘ISIS’ war, so use ‘Daesh’
– Zeba Kahn – The Boston Globe 09.10.14
Julie Bishop gets that right (though she pronounces it ‘Dash’).

Sydney more hostile to Muslims, but Australia embraces multiculturalism: Monash survey – The Sydney Morning Herald 29.10.15 (video 1:58 min)