New poll: 52% Jews, 80% Arabs support two-state solution

Peace Index Poll: 1/3 of Jews say Jewish terrorists should be handled differently than Palestinian terrorists – The Israel Democracy Institute 04.01.15
Study also shows fear of being harmed by terror on the rise; support for two states for two peoples continues to decline
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And from The Peace Index: December 2015, see English summary here and the questions and data here

  • Increasing fears of being attacked (Jews c70%, Arabs 65.5%)
  • 63% of Jewish public disagreed with milder punishments for Jewish terrorists but 30% took opposite stance (especially Torah Judaism, Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu voters)
  • 81% of Jews would characterise Duma murders as terrorism for all purposes if carried out by Jews but 13% would not (mostly ultra-Orthodox and traditional religious)
  • 73% of Jews regarded Jewish terrorists as a tiny minority of the national-religious public and 60% of Arabs agreed
  • Jewish public almost evenly split on whether Israel is becoming more Jewish and less democratic
  • At present 52% (formerly as high as 75% or more) of the Jewish public supports two-states-for-two-peoples while 43% oppose it. 80% of Arabs support two-states-for-two-peoples.