No, Israel, you are not Paris

No, Israel, you are not Paris – Michael Greenberger – The Forward 16.11.15
Some Israelis are likening Paris to Israel, and ISIS jihadis to Palestinian terrorists. Michael Greenberger asks: Is that a fair assessment — or political opportunism?
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Bennett: It’s either Israel or ISIS in the West Bank – The Jerusalem Post 16.11.15
‘Either you will be here, or ISIS,’ Bennett said to students at Ariel University… ‘Palestinians do not engage in terrorism because they have lost hope, but because they have hope, they are hoping for a Palestinian state… Palestinian terrorism will disappear once that hope is gone.’

10 commenters on the Paris terror attacks I can do without – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 15.11.15
Those who equate Palestine with ISIS to erase the occupation, and those who blame Palestine for ISIS to erase Israel.