PODCAST: Ashley talks to Libbi Gorr, broadcaster and comedian

LibbyiGorr talks to Ashley about life under lockdown in Melbourne, the enduring strength of talkback radio and her evolution from Elle McFeast to her own persona

AS VICTORIA COMES to grips with the depressing reality of Lockdown 6.0, there are few better to take the temperature of its people than Libbi Gorr.


As the early morning weekend radio host of ABC Melbourne (774 AM) she has been engaging with people across the state for the last 18 months as Covid numbers have risen and fallen and the livelihoods of so many have been affected.

“Every week was different because I joined in weekly. I turned on the microphone at 6am on a Saturday morning and I never knew what I was going to get,” she told Ashley Browne on the latest Lap of Caulfield Park podcast.

“People were very jumpy. They went through anguish, anger, grief and then there was solidarity. A little bit of the underdog thing kicked in and I made sure my programs always had an underlying nature of not stirring up anger, anxiety or disapproval of how things were managed, but just side-by-side support, resilience, joy and finding positivity in whatever it was.”

In a revealing interview, Gorr also discusses:

  • The differences between Melbourne and Sydney
  • The enduring strength of 774 and of talkback radio
  • The evolution from her Elle McFeast stage name and persona to the Libbi Gorr of today
  • Her enduring love affair with the 90s and why it was such a transformative decade
  • Her Jewish sensibilities when broadcasting
  • Some of the public figures who inspire her and have guided her.

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