PODCAST: Ashley talks to restaurateur Adam Faigen

Ashley asks Adam about his new Israeli-inspired eatery Golda and the challenges of operating a food outlet during Covid

LOCKDOWN HAS BEEN hard for the people of Melbourne in so many ways, but high on the list of what people have missed is the simple pleasure of going out for a meal.


In the latest Lap of Caulfield Park podcast, Adam Faigen talks about his hopes and expectations when his modern Israeli-inspired eatery, Golda, re-opens later this month when the city starts to come out of lockdown.

“I’m really curious about what will happen with the business when people are vaccinated and things start opening up,” he tells podcast host Ashley Browne.

He expects his business, which has survived on pop-up takeaway meals and assemble-at-home meals, to bounce back quickly.

“There was a huge demand after each lockdown,” he says. “People have a had a lot of meals at home and they want to eat out. They want to be served and to experience what Melbourne has been known for.”

The gradual reopening will still mean tight restrictions on how many visitors are allowed into people’s home, which means restaurants will likely be busy as Melburnians resume their socialising with family and friends.

“I expect we will be pretty booked up until Christmas and we’ll need to be because it’s been a really hard 18 months,” Faigen says.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Faigen also discusses:

  • The challenges of operating a food outlet during COVID times
  • Have Uber Eats and other delivery options been good for the industry?
  • His journey through the hospitality industry including The Pound cafes in South Yarra and Elsternwick that were among the first of their types
  • The inspiration behind the Golda menu
  • Is this the golden era of Jewish/Israeli food in Melbourne?
  • The popularity of Israeli food among non-Jews
  • The importance of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free clients
  • The art of coffee making in 2021 versus 2001
  • Jewish customers

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