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Plus61J Media is a not-for-profit organisation. We believe in the free flow of information and will never paywall our content.

From 1 July 2023, unless otherwise stated, all content published by Plus61J is available for republication under the terms of Creative Commons BY NC ND licence.

This means that other publishers are able to republish our articled provided that the republisher follows the terms of the Creative Commons [cc BY NC ND]license, (we refer to it as “CC Licence”). The full license terms if you wish to republish or deal with the material is found here.

Whilst we recommend you refer to the full licence the summary is set out below.

  1. Under the CC Licence you are authorised to republish provided that you attribute the work to both the copyright owner/author of the material, that you do not sell or make use of the material for commercial purposes, and that you are not entitled to derive other works from this work.
  2. You must credit the authors of the work, which includes their moral right of attribution.
  3. We require you to credit the source from which you obtained by inserting the following credit with the reproduced article:

This work is republished under a Creative Commons  BY NC ND licence from Plus 61J Media

  • You cannot edit the document without the author’s and our consent.
  • You cannot sell or make commercial use of the work
  • If you republish the work you must repeat the terms of the CC Licence and these terms
  • Images, photographs, and other material contained within the work may not be available for republication, so before you reproduce the work you must obtain consent of the owner of the image or photograph. We do not authorise the reproduction of images or photographs without consent of the author and owner of the images.
  • We do not authorise or consent to the podcast, audio or audio-visual reproduction of the work. Please approach us and the author to determine who owns those rights.