Security insiders say Netanyahu has got Iran issue wrong July 26, 2015

Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal – J.J. Goldberg – Forward 23.07.15

A small but growing group of high-power ex-commanders has been speaking out in media interviews and op-ed essays in the past few days, saying that Netanyahu has got the Iran issue wrong.

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New poll: U.S. Jews support Iran deal, despite misgivings – Jewish Journal 23.07.15

By a wide margin, American Jews support the recently concluded agreement with Iran to restrict its nuclear program, and a clear majority of Jews wants Congress to approve the deal.

What We Talk About When We Shout About Iran – Gershom Gorenberg – The American Prospect 22.07.15

The real argument isn’t about the fine print. It’s about Obama, Netanyahu, and the value of diplomacy.