Settlers self-policing Bedouin in West Bank

Settler volunteers to combat Bedouin construction in West Bank – Amira Hass – Haaretz 23.03.16
Group known as the Jerusalem Periphery Forum planning to patrol road in Gush Adumim, between Kfar Adumim and Jericho, with police’s blessing.
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Whither the Bedouin once their homes are demolished? – Haaretz 19.03.16
The High Court and European Union are wondering too. Though Israel froze construction plans for E-1 due to vehement American opposition, it hasn’t frozen its plan to evict the Bedouin who have lived there since before 1967, after Israel expelled them from their original homes in the Negev (Tel Arad and Be’er Sheva) in the 1950s.

Israel ramping up demolitions in West Bank
February 23, 2016