Solar power great – but not for West Bank Bedouin

Solar power is great, unless you are a Bedouin in the West Bank – Haaretz 07.01.16
Israel encourages using solar panels for electricity, but West Bank Bedouin who try to join the bandwagon are deemed to be building illegal structures. The petitioners argue no permit is required for solar panels not part of any building and that the Civil Administration’s real goal is to be cruel to the residents and to wear them out until they leave their place of residence.
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Bedouin couples seeking to build a home in their village face Kafkaesque nightmare – Haaretz 27.12.15
The state argues couples should apply for a building permit – technically unfeasible – or relocate to the Palestinian Authority, far away from their parents. ‘The settlers have their garbage containers lit up. We’re not allowed to light the tin hut we live in.’

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