Susiya may be on Palestinian owned land – demolition delayed July 30, 2015

Defence Ministry internal report: Land at village slated for demolition privately owned by Palestinians – Haaretz 26.07.15

Civil Administration report obtained by Haaretz cites Ottoman deed, may halt planned demolitions in West Bank village of Sussia.

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1881 document suggests Palestinian ownership of Susya – The Times of Israel 26.07.15

In light of new internal review, Israeli military administration to reevaluate demolishing West Bank village, report says

Deputy defence minister: Embattled Palestinian village doesn’t exist – +972 Magazine 22.07.15

The man charged with managing the day-to-day life of Palestinians in the West Bank calls Susya, a village facing imminent demolition, a ‘ploy by leftist organizations to take over Area C of the West Bank.’ MK Dov Khenin (Joint List): “I have not heard such a response so detached from reality in a long time.”