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air strike

Report claims 42 killed in airstrike on Gaza; Jewish-Arab violence in Israel continues

IDF says it targeted Hamas military infrastructure under homes; Netanyahu says strikes will continue as long as necessary; Arabs charged but no Jews, over urban mob attacks

Israel strikes targets in Syria as proxy conflict with Iran intensifies

Israel prevented the Iranians from building bases but failed to dislodge them from Syria; further IAF strikes against Lebanon the next day point to an escalation

Fresh air strikes on Syrian bases show signs of US-Israel co-ordination

As speculation continues over who attacked Iran-linked targets, Netanyahu sends message to Tehran with 'Iran lied' speech while Knesset simplifies lines of authority for declaring war

Israel believes more hostilities with Iran and Syria are all but inevitable

While Iran celebrates propaganda victory of downed fighter jet, Tel Aviv’s powerful response to drone airspace violation sends ominous warning to all players

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