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No longer a silent statistic: my life after surviving a suicide bombing

Journalist Kelly Hartog was in a hotel in Kenya in 2002 when three terrorists drove a vehicle into the lobby and detonated it; 20 years on, she reflects on how the event changed her life

Al-Qaeda No. 2 was planning attacks on Israelis, Jews when assassinated

Daughter of terror chief Mohammed al-Masri, who was also killed in the Tehran hit, was in line for a top al-Qaeda role; speculation over whether Israel or US might attack Iran

The man who could have prevented ISIS

The man who could have stopped the Islamic State – Brian Fishman - Foreign Policy 23.11.16 Almost 10 years ago, an al Qaeda emissary was...

Egypt enters Syrian war in support of Assad

Egyptian pilots flying Russian choppers in Syria – DEBKAfile – 26.11.16 Egypt’s is said to have secretly decided to intervene militarily in the Syrian war...

We’ve heard ‘tough on terror’ talk like Trump’s before

The spark that lit the War on Terror – Lawrence Pintak – Foreign Policy 30.09.16 The ill-fated US intervention in Lebanon’s civil war fueled the...

Double games in Syria hurt the Kurds

The real target of Turkey's Syrian operation is the Kurds, not ISIS – Zvi Bar'el – Haaretz 24.08.16 Ankara understood that if it doesn't act...

Who wouldn’t want to flee such suffering?

A picture of a Syrian boy goes viral, but the war goes on – Ishaan Tharoor – The Washington Post 19.08.16 Omran Daqneesh's 10-year-old brother...

Hijab-wearing Olympian is good for the Jews

Why an American hijab-wearing Olympian is good for the Jews - Rabbi Jordie Gerson - The Forward 08.08.16 For all members of minority...

It’s harder to hate someone you know

Pauline Hanson, Sonia Kruger and the cult of celebrity extremism – Alan Stokes – The Canberra Times 19.07.16Thousands of Australians are worried about Islamist...

4 ways a Trump presidency would be Israel’s worst nightmare

4 ways President Donald Trump would be Israel’s worst nightmare – Jay Michaelson – The Forward 21.07.16 Despite grave reservations, many Jews — including, apparently,...

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